Client : Rising Sun Pictures, MARVEL

Feature : Thor Ragnarok

RSP was awarded the Valkyrie Assault on Hela sequence. This is a flash back from a Valkyrie Pegasus rider shot in slow motion. That the character Loki extracts this from the riders mind. The sequence was lit using a circular strobe lighting rig and filmed in slow motion. This produced a orbiting  light motion around the characters that RSP needed to replicate in the CG environment to match each shot.

This strobing circular rig was used on close ups, mids, establishing shots, even on horses while they were being ridden and preforming stunts. the sequence took a little under a year to complete and produced by roughly 200 artists.

The breath taken shot where a flock of Pegasus fly down to meet Hela was comprised of 6 Valkyries. This required 6 stunt women to ride horse down a strip while being filmed from 6 different angles. Then they were all positioned to be viewed from being taken from one perspective. This created the illusion of 6 separate flying patterns in one shot.

Cameras were all solved for each shot and rotomation was meticulously created to match the horses and their riders movements. This helped achieve adding the wings on each horse.

We see another establisher of the Valkyrie rearing up on her Pegasus. This was comprised of the actress riding a blue cylinder over another take of a stunt women rider rearing up a horse on another take.


Rotomation of the horse was needed to add cg leg and Pegasus wings. The BG layout was comprised of alembic caches of horse at first for post vis layout, once this was approved the Pegasuses were then hand animated.

Later in the sequence you see the destruction Hela has made over the Valkyries. Here RSP artists created cluster groups of dead Valkyries and copied and moved them to different places. Decorating the battle field then making smaller adjustments to each group for a more natural manic mascara.

Through out the film we see Hela performing in many different action sequences. A lot of these shot needed a full body to be replaced only keeping the actresses facial performance intact.

This was done by tracking the facial performance and then re projecting the face onto a CG double. This allowed great stunt performances to be exaggerated and still retain the actors performance.

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