Client : Method Studios

Feature : Terminator Dark Fate

Method Studios (Melbourne) was awarded the Helicopter Chase sequence. This took layout to convert Third Floors cameras and scenes into real world working cameras and environments. Along with extending the airport from ILM and stitching all the work together with rudimentary geometry to make a coherent sequence.


As the chase continues the group take off in a bomber. We required to asses the bombers acceleration and helicopters speed during this time for accurate motion blur for the all assets.

This was also helpful when having to retime shot that were then projected onto the 3D bomber asset. we used a script to do so:-               


In one of the scense where you see the bomber moving onto the air strip with the rear door still open being dragged along the floor. This was filmed on a static set and needed to revere the camera movement and project this into the CG bomber asset. Making it appear the bomber was moving while in actual fact the Layout camera was reverse and drove the movement. Layout had to solve the camera then make it static, project it and with the movement of the camera animate the plane moving away from render camera. You can see this in the show reel below.