Client : Rising Sun Pictures, MARVEL

Feature : Logan

RSP was awarded several sequences requiring alot of claw replacements, decapitations, blood spills, and Prof. X fits that effect 100s of people around him.

In the first sequence we see Logan driving a limo and at the end of his shift he is attacked by a group of thugs attempting to steel his hub caps. Here RSP needed to composite the wolverine claws as he stabs and cuts his way through the thugs. There were a few shots where camera stiching was needed between takes. for example when Logan cuts off the mans arm with the shot gun and shoots the limo.


When creating the claws we had to increase the frame rate samples to allow the motion blur to appear smooth as the default was set to 24 fps and this was not enough for a nice smooth motion blur curves and arcs.

Later Logan saves Charles & Laura in Hotel Seizure. Charles has a seizure and this freezes the surrounding people in the hotel. Logan pushes his way through to save Charles and Laura. The effect of life being frozen was created with a camera that had a Dynamo strapped to it that shook and spun in all directions while the camera man was filming. 

The footage generated motion blur in all directions however this then needed to be tracked and all shots needed to be stabilized. We did this using 3D Equalizer to create a camera solve and Maya to smooth out the point constrained cameras rotation channels. The two cameras were provided to downstream departments one for placement of CG elements and the stabilized camera to render from.

Here are the entire VFX breakdowns RSPs team had created for the film.