Client : BaseBlack, Marv

Feature : Kingsman: Secret Service (released 2015)


In 2014 I was working at a VFX company called Base Black. At Base Black I was shown the fundamentals of Mono Matchmoving and how to gather information from a set through a series of photographs and where to take measurements of the parts needed to model 3D geometry. I quickly picked up how to collect this information, which would then be used to create a master scene and these models used to survey in aiding a camera solve. In addition to documenting the set, I had to document each take, which cameras were being used; for the witness cams, Camera A and B, which lenses were being mounted, all details on location that would aid us with our work in matchmoving every shot for each sequence.


I was asked to animate a face rig to the different actor’s performances matching the movements as close as possible  from three different points of view. I then object tracked the helmets for the parachute jump sequence. In some cases roto anim was required to match the movement when markers on the helmets were not visible. The facial rig was then used to do the face replacements of the skydivers with the actors faces complete with full 3D movement.

Kingsman showreel