Client : Method Studios

Feature : John Wick Chapter 3

Method Studios (Melbourne) was awarded the several sequences one the Knives Museum. This took animation and layout alot of attention making sure that continuity was maintained throughout the sequence. With knives being thrown into bodies pulled out again and re inserted this took alot layouts attention.

Along with which glass panels were broken at what time and what actions had dependency's from previous shots. To do this each knife was given a colour to identify them and drawn on the raw footage thoughout the sequence even if they were left laying on the floor or stuck in a body this was best way to keep track of each knife.

The horse chase took place down a  road, under a subway. Methods job was to replace the stunt mats and the road making it appear wet along with replacing some of the cars park along the road.

One stunt was taken in three takes to maintain safety and layout needed to stitch all three camera performances together.  One of the motorcyclist crashing into the trailer, another take of John Wick riding the horse, and finally the second motorcyclist chasing in the BG. Combining all three into one great collision stunt.

As John Wick Fights his way through the Continental he eventually reaches the roof top. This is where Method was required to replace the surrounding area with a city scape of surrounding sky risers around the building. 

As the conversation develops John Wick is shot multiple times off the roof top and falls down into the street below. Layout proposed to make this fall more dramatic through animating the drop of the matchmove camera while he fell then making it stationary again while john makes contact with the different parts of the roof. This allowed Layout to extent the fall with out the audience noticing what was happening and still maintaining the believably of the shot.

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