Client : Trixter, AMC

Television Series : Fear The Walking Dead Sesaon 2 Episode 3

In 2016 I was working at a VFX company called Trixter (Munich). This
modest size company rivalled with the big VFX studios helping make some
great block busters. While working there they also took on American
television shows such as "Fear The Walking Dead". In this particular episode a character called Nick sees the torso of a zombie in a pit eating crabs. His curiosity makes him lean forward to get a better look and in doing so he finds himself falling into the clutches of the zombie.

Each show presents different challenges, with this one it was the case of
the absence of lens information. Our task was to create CG crabs crawling
around the zombie that picked at his flesh and ate him. Then intern the zombie would eat a few of the crabs.

These shots required to be matchmoved accompanied with geometry, so our animator could animate the Crabs. A body track was also needed to add pieces of flesh that would dangle from the zombies body for the crabs to pinch and eat at.


After the MM work was completed, I did the Roto and Prep work which was needed to paint out Nick's safety wires when he falls into the pit.