Client : BaseBlack, Simon Frame

Feature : DXM (released 2016)

Afterwards I was again sent out to Vienna to do the same work. However, the VFX supervisor was not able to attend this trip and so I was asked to act as VFX supervisor for these 10 days on set, to answer any questions the director or other head of departments had about particular VFX shots and possible fixes we were able to do. I found this exciting and allowed me to have a taste of exactly what I wanted to do with my life.


I was commissioned by Simon Frame as his CG Assistant and was sent out on location to Romania to document sets on RECCE’s for the Feature DXM. I was given the responsibility to create an animated previs for a variety of sequences. I built the sets in Maya from technical CAD drawings provided by the art department and additional information I had gathered on location. I created two versions of the sets one which was the "working set" how the set will appear for the crew when filming and the other "stories set" that would be like the environment the story wanted to tell.

The "working set" helped a variety of departments identify their different needs and
special requirements that they would need to prepare for on the day of shoot, such as the size and cost of the blue screens required, the direction of sunlight and how that would affect shooting and if the repositioning of the proposed set builds were needed.

With the "story set" I worked closely with the DOP (John Pardue) and story board artist to apply the correct camera lens and timing of each shot for the roof top sequences.
One with the free runner jumping across the roof tops. The other with the little girl in the storm walking through the cathedral buttresses.



DXM showreel