Client : Method Studios, DC

Feature : Aquaman

In 2017 Method studios was tasked with Aqumans roof top chase sequence. Where Aquaman and Mera are hunted down by Black Manta and his sea soldiers. Aquaman and Mera get split up during the chase and they have to fight there way back to meet each other. This sequence needed to be planned as they traverse over the roof tops and through peoples homes. They two characters split up through the town and eventually after fighting off the Black Manta and his soldiers the reunite.


The  town needed to be constructed with the roof top chase in mind. Layout created rudimentary geometry as place holders for the roof top platforms that were used for the chase. These were then replaced with a variety of different models houses and set dressing pieces to build a believable town. USDs were used in the creation process this was modified by pipeline for layout to use properly. As on initial use there were a few bugs with USDs ghosting when moving the objects or groups and translation values were lost. But these were quickly fixed with the help of pipeline. 

In the last shot Mera uses her powers to control fluids or wine in this instance, to defeat her enemy's.

This was created with two cameras one take was to be used as a clean plate for the BG. The other was depicting the actress and the FG. USDs were used for dressing the BG with a variety of wine bottles ready for FX to create their simulations.